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16mm Multi-layer Pert-Al-Pert Pipe 100m Coil Pipe

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RBM multi-layer Pipe for underfloor heating systems is available in three sizes:

100M, 200M and 300M coil of 16mm x 2mm Pert-Al-Pert Pipe

The main advantages of the RBM Tita-Fix systems are as follows:

  • Manual cold shaping of the pipe. Even very narrow curve radiuses do not kink
  • The pipe is light and robust (the aluminium core makes pipes resistant to heavy trampling and also to accidental impact)
  • After the pipe has been shaped, the shape taken remains unvaried: whole parts of a system can be pre-arranged in different areas of the building site
  • Thermal expansion is very similar to that of metal pipes, that is to say it corresponds to about 1/4÷1/8 of the expansion which takes place in most cases of plastic materials.
  • The internal polyethylene layer has a smooth surface and makes it possible to reduce pressure losses dramatically compared with traditional metal pipes. Furthermore, this layer makes pipes particularly resistant against acid and basic chemical agents;

Technical info:

  • Raw Material: Dowlex 2388/ SK DX800
  • Standard: ISO21003
  • Class: 2/10 bar, 5/10 bar
  • Max sustained working temp: -40°C 85°C
  • Max transient temp: 85°C
  • Type: Butt Welded