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18mm Screedboard Return Panel

Product Code:   86521140
£21.60 Inc. VAT
£18.00 Ex. VAT
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Screedboard is an 18mm, high density, overlay system to be used in conjunction with 12mm multi-layer pipe which Secon UFH can supply.

Screedboard is a low profile solution for laying over an existing concrete subfloor or a timber suspended floor.

It is perfect for retro fit where floor height is critical and easier to install than spreader plates below an existing suspended floor

If the existing floor is poorly insulated, we can supply 2bda foil 1200mm x 25M to lay under the screedboard

There is also an optional Ditra matt available for tiling in case you might ever want to lift the tiles

The boards are high density with impressive sound insulation and heat retention qualities.

The pre-grooved straight boards are 1000mmx600mm and the grooves are at 150mm centres

The return boards are 900mmx600mm