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Secon Kits are typical of all Secon kits, high quality products at competitive prices. Our kits include everything you need (unlike our competitors) and if you need a bespoke kit, we can easily amend the components to suit what you need.


All our kits use 16mm pert–Al-pert multi-layer pipe see here for more technical information

The main benefit of the pipe is that it can be easily shaped and does not try and spring back like cheaper plastic plumbing pipe. There is also less heat expansion compared to plastic pipe.


Our own brand kits come in three versions Staple, floor plate (egg crate) and eps overlay.


Kit Contents

The kits all contain enough pipe for the appropriate room size with some to spare even with 150mm spacing. This means that depending upon spacing the kits may be suitable for larger rooms. If you need advice on this, please contact us.

Some cheaper competitor kits assume maximum spacing and no tails which means the kits are sometimes not big enough for the intended layout.

Our smaller kits will have a single zone pump set. The larger kits will have 2 or 3 port manifolds, ensuring that the loop sizes are not bigger than they should be. Actuators are not included with the manifolds as it assumed that these systems are all for one zone but kits can be upgraded to include actuators if desired.


The kits specifically for screed systems will include edge insulation


All kits include a wired room stat but it is possible to upgrade to include RF (wireless) controls if needed.
Please consult our technical team if you have any queries.              


If you are installing UFH for the first time please contact us for help with pipe layouts. We have a library of designs that we can send you to help visualise your design. We can also produce bespoke designs within 24 hours if you project is more than a standard kit.                                                                                                                 


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